The cleaning lady after 100 years : Spectre(2022)

HD / 19min / Japanese (English-Subtitles)

The ghost of her young mother appears to a gray-haired cleaning lady and laments her daughter’s life of loneliness, having borne no children. However, the old woman refuses her mother. This work is based on the concept of re-creation in digital conversion, capturing the video stage play “ A Woman who cleans up” (performed at Drama-Kan Theatre in 2019) and capturing the noise / errors that occur during the conversion as acting or choreographs. Fukushiki Mugen-Noh by AI. The end of human beings.

36th Image Forum Festival East Asian Experimental Competition

Director : Kei Shichiri
CG engineer : Shoto Hayakawa
Electronic sound designer : Takumi Ikeda
Original song composer / Singer : Junko Sato
Original electronic music composer : Tomonari Higaki
Original Text : Minori Sinsaku / Kei Shichiri
Shooting supervisor : Tetsuya Takahashi
Planning collaborator : Nobuaki Doi

Performance “A Woman who cleans up”

Live screening of “A Woman who cleans up” CG

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