Born in 1967. While in high school, his first film “Existence Flicker Symptom” (1984) won a prize at the 8th Pia Film Festival at the recommendation of renowned filmmaker Nagisa OSHIMA. Started his professional career working on film sets while a student at Waseda University. Made his debut as a director and screenwriter after 10 years experience as an assistant director for Ryuichi HIROKI and other filmmakers. In 2004, “What We Do is Secret”, a experimental short film portraying a boy-meets-girl story in a world without words, and “My Easy Going Sister”, based on Naoki YAMAMOTO’s comic book, were his first works to receive theatrical releases. Wrote screenplays for Makoto SHINOZAKI’s film “Walking with the Dog” (2004) and Ryuichi HIROKI’s “L’Amant” (2005). Many of his works are collaborations with artists in a variety of genres, including “Hottentot Apron – A Sketch” (2006), an art film produced by Aichi Arts Center (AAC); “Aspen” (2010), a short dance piece featuring dancer Ikuyo KURODA; and “DUBHOUSE” (2012), an experimental short made in cooperation with architect Ryoji SUZUKI. “Before the Day Breaks” (2007), a film comprised of unpopulated images that illustrate a story told by off-screen characters, has been screened every year in Japan by popular demand. In addition, he endeavors to enhance screenings of his works with experimental audio performances that utilize live music, an acousmonium system, and more.