2019/DCP/1:1.78/15min/col/Japanese・English subtitle

Mieko and Ena decide to co-write a novel together under a single pseudonym. But then Ena begins to act strangely, spending her nights obsessively stealing the ties of random drunk men she encounters. When Ena disappears, Mieko’s search for her friend leads her to Hidaka, an unassuming man who suits one of the ties in Ena’s collection. Soon the two of them stumble upon rumour of a district that doesn’t exist on any map…

CAST: Atsuko Kikuchi / Shun Sato / Kaori Nishio / Junichiro Tanaka / Ryohei Yokota

Director / : Kei Shichiri
Screenplay : Ikuhiro Yamagata
Cinematography : Takayuki Fukata / Tetsuya Takahashi / Shohei Matsushima
Sound / Music : Taku Unami

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